Course Timing

Should you have online meetings?

One major decision is whether you will have your students meet at specific times in a schedule (synchronous) or have them log into the class and complete the activities when it is convenient for their schedule (asynchronous).

Many instructors have success with blending synchronous and asynchronous as they figure out their own online style and how the course material presents online. For example, consider having a regularly scheduled meeting for the students who can meet and record the session for other students to review when they have time. This is particularly helpful if you have students in different time zones.

Resources on Asynchronous Versus Synchronous

Attention Spans

We all have very short attention spans, particularly when we are worried about other things. Students are going to have a difficult time watching a 1-2-hour video or a lengthy page of online course reading. Try to break up course resources into smaller 10-minute bits if possible. Resources regarding how you can break up your course videos and presentations are given in the PowerPoint section of this website. Additionally, if you are interested in adding polling in your class this website has a separate section on polling.

Helpful Strategies and Resources: