Week 15 & 16

Preparing for your final project


I am canceling the last topic of this semester. Instead you will complete your final quiz and to prepare for your final project. This module's purpose is to give you an overview of the final project in this class and to help guide you in choosing your "theme" for the final project. There are no readings this week and the quiz is short so you can spend your time gathering the materials and start building your final project.

Final Project

Now that we have covered all the topics for this course and we are off to the final project, this is a good space to recap the major themes that have been covered since Week 1.

Major Themes

The major themes we covered in this class are:

Hopefully one of these themes/weekly topics stood out to you as you read the course material this term. What I want for you to do is to look through your readings, assignments, quiz question answers (which will be available to you on Sakai), and other course materials to see if you found one of these themes/weekly topics particularly insightful. For example, I find that personality style and leadership to be particularly interesting. There are specific readings that relate to personality and leadership style that have been assigned throughout the term and there are quiz questions and other assignments that have overlap into this theme as well.

What I want you to do is to pick a theme/weekly topic from this semester and consolidate all of the work you have done on this topic throughout the term. I want you to compile these as parts to a portfolio and not a formal written paper. Specifically, gather the files together as if you are a leader presenting to a group, and tie them together with a narrative. It is not enough to just have the pieces that you have already written and a list of readings/files, I need you to show how they connect and why you chose them. The goal of this class was to have you personally reflect on your own leadership style, review ideas on how one can be an effective leader, and give you something that you can use in your professional life after this course. I am hoping this can be a portfolio you can share on an intership or job interview, or something you can share with your future colleagues. This is for a grade in this class but my hope is that it's something that you can take with you and find useful.

The medium that I would like you to create your portfolio is online through either 1) Google Sites, 2) Wix, 3) Weebly. You are welcome to use a similar resource not listed but it has to have simlar functionality and it cannot be your Facebook, LinkedIn, or simliar social media type of page. Each of these resources I have listed has a free option and you do not need to purchase anything to complete this project. These website tooks are quite easy to use and do not require that you learn how to code or work with servers. They are very similar to using a text editor in your email or Sakai. If you need help using any of this technology, there are many resources available on YouTube as well as each of the web pages that I have linked.