Building a Static Web Page with AWS

Step-By-Step Video Series On How To Build Your Static AWS Web Site


Outline of the presentation


Background on this project

AWS Console

Overview of the AWS Console

S3 Bucket

Setting up the S3 Bucket When the URL is Not Important

Route 53

Purchasing Your Domain Name on Route 53

S3 Bucket 1

Setting Up Your S3 Bucket for a Custom URL

S3 Bucket 2

Setting Up Your S3 Bucket for Redirect


Below are definitions for the frequently used terms in this presentation.


Amazon Web Services

Route 53

Amazon’s Domain Name Service, in real human words this is where your web address is registered on the internet and what content is pointing toward

S3 Bucket

A space at AWS that holds your website content, sometimes referred to as "the cloud."

AWS Console

The main console where you can access and search for all of the AwS functions.


Uniform Resource Locator, basically a web address down to the last word. For example

Domain Name

Similar to a URL but it translates into an IP address that pulls up the content of your web page for the user. Each section has its own organizational level

Static Web Page

a web page that you just view and do not upload any files or comments

Dynamic Web Page

a web page where you enter in information, buy an item, upload files etc.

Hosted Zone

An area in the AWS Route 53 that helps you set up the details of your domain name